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Santa’s Workshop has modernized - magic and tradition replaced by automation and efficiency.

It even appears that Santa himself has retired, leaving North Pole operations in the capable hands of a new generation of process-loving, tech savvy elves.

It’s something Yoyo, a lovable but naive, homeschooled elf, was not expecting on the first day of his dream job. But when a scroogey hacker bent on revenge takes control of the North Pole, Yoyo's shock at the spiritless state of the workshop is quickly replaced by another fear - Christmas will be destroyed if Santa isn’t handed over!

Unfortunately, no one at the workshop has any idea where Santa is or how to find him! Almost no one that is.

After Yoyo proclaims that his Grandpa will know how to find Santa… he teams up with a cynical HR elf, his loyal reindeer pup and a misfit packaging drone on a wild and heartwarming mission to save the day and help everyone re-discover the true magic of Christmas spirit.

Format: 85mins Feature Film

Status: in financing


Script: Jamie Nash

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